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Ningbo Kenny Laser Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, located in Ningbo City, which is known as "the city of books and ancient history and the port is connected to the sky". The company is committed to the research and development, production, sales and service of laser intelligent equipment as one of the manufacturing enterprises, specializing in the production of plane laser cutting machine, laser pipe cutting machine, laser welding machine, three-dimensional laser cutting machine, etc., widely used in hardware, kitchen and bathroom, fitness equipment, automotive parts, medical equipment and other industries, to provide users with metal forming intelligent equipment a full set of automated solutions. Since its establishment, Kenny Laser has been adhering to the continuous pursuit of product quality and technological innovation, with a team of professional technical personnel and experts integrated with international cutting-edge technology, and has established close strategic cooperation with a number of domestic research institutions ......

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Laser manufacturing technology also has a huge prospect in the aerospace industry. Because of the particularity of the aerospace industry, their manufacturing technology needs better connection of light alloy, and the connection of various parts also plays a pivotal role. Compared with traditional welding, laser welding can better ensure energy concentration, small thermal deformation, easy operation, high flexibility, intelligent; Make its weld more firm, welding accuracy is higher.



Today's construction machinery industry, most of the product blanking has been carried out with laser cutting machine.

Such as: crane, road machine, loader, excavator, grain machinery, sanitation machinery and so on. In China's large heavy industry enterprises have a large number of laser cutting processing equipment, the product for rapid processing and production. Make its processing more intelligent, more simple operation.



For example, due to the different navigation areas, tasks and requirements of ships, ship products have the characteristics of variety, small production batch. In order to pace production and shorten the manufacturing cycle, shipyards must have thorough production and technical management from the time of receiving orders to the time of delivery. There are many kinds and quantities of materials used in shipbuilding, among which steel is the largest. The stronger and more extensive the equipment processing capacity, the more capacity/orders the enterprise will have, and the faster the efficiency will be.



High power laser cutting machine has very excellent processing ability, and widely used, almost suitable for the processing of large metal sheet metal products. Using 20000W of equipment power as an example, it can cut stainless steel/aluminium with a maximum thickness of 80mm and brass with a maximum thickness of 16mm. A wide range of plate thickness and types of cutting, a variety of shape effects compared with plasma cutting equipment, laser cutting cutting faster, more efficient processing.


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